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Neymar's Salary was Unbelievable, Insane Amount, and Inflict Gap

New Neymar's Club, Paris Saint Germain (PSG)
Neymar was become the most expensive football player in the world. Based on wikipedia, in August 2017, Neymar moved from Barcelona to PSG in a transaction worth €222 million, beat the transfer record before, Paul Pogba, moved Juventus to Manchester United in a transaction worth €105 million. Wow, it increase twice. According to the Press Association, Neymar would take home £537,000 per week – half a million pounds for every seven days he spends in Paris. That converts in total to about £28 million per annum, £2,3 million per month, £537 per week, £76 per day, and £3197 per hour. It was unbelievable and insane amount. I think FIFA must limit the salary of football player, because it could inflict unfair competition,not only club,but also the football players. The club would force to buy an expensive player though it has owe. Many of football players feel envy to hear that. 

For the larger impact, The Neymar's salary inflict gap for Brazillian people and other develop or left behind countries. For example: Brazil Gross National Product (GDP) 2016 was £6625,86, compare with Neymar's salary £28 Million. I think it was called capitalism system, money was spinning in the certain group in the world, depends on global market mechanism. Big investor, big sponsor, and high salary only for potential global market mechanism. There was no welfare equity. it called the rich poor gap.

I think the rich poor gap could increase crime, because the rich poor gap make poor people feel unfair and angry with that. It parallel with the theory on crime by American economist Gary Becker, who pronounces that an increase in income inequality has a big and robust effect of increasing crime rates. Not only that, but a country’s economic growth (GDP rate) has significant impact in lessening incidence of crimes. Since reduction in income inequality gap and a richer economy has an alleviating effect on poverty level, it implies that poverty alleviation has a crime-reducing effect ( The football sport was became large industry, big business, but it must welfare all people in the world.

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