All about Animals, Innovation, Law, Management, and Soccer: The Subtitution of Football Players in All Formal Events should be 5, not 3


The Subtitution of Football Players in All Formal Events should be 5, not 3

In formal football match, the subtitution player only 3. I think it need to be add (5). Why? Because, I often see the player has injuried, but the subtitution was out (3 player have replaced). So, what's happened? Team must play without injuried player. It like a player has red card. There was unfair and effect the match did not interest. Coach Manager would confuse and blame injuried player. The game strategy would not done. And opposite team was benefit with unfair condition.

The subtitution player which only 3, make many the subtitution player frustated because of rarely play. It could inhibit their carrier and performance. This was noot good situation to bring up more and more potential players.When the subtitution changed for 5, many players in all positions (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward) have a biggger chance to play in starter team. This make the team more strong and coach manager can more free to looking for the best strategy.

The subtitute player often become differentiator, to change the whole game. It be expected to make the game more interesting. The match in competition often effect spared in the starter team. If 5 subtitute player enacted, I think The team could spared from fatigue and give a chance for many subtitute player. Spared player very susceptible injury.

For the conclusion, FIFA should change the rules about the amount of subtitutions player, from 3 to 5, in all events, especially in formal events (tournament and competition) to create the match better. Therefore, it could increase amount of the supporters to come the stadium.

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